We go beyond in offering customized service but our clients experience a different way of treatment.


We get to know you and your operations...


This is why 50% of our work is produced in your company, if you are in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area we will visit your company to start the project in your presence, you will be in control of the planning and execution of your campaign.

if you are not in the Miami-fort Lauderdale area we will schedule video conference to obtain the same results 


First Meeting:

We'll start early in the morning so we expect the hot cup of coffee (we are serious)


  • let's get to know your business

  • who are your client's

  • identify your top competitors

  • put together a research

  • talk about these results

  • put together an SEO strategy 

  • provide you with current SEO status 

Second Meeting:

This meeting will take place at the beginning of the second month to evaluate campaign startup: 


  • work that has been performed

  • evaluate ranking progress

  • evaluate external work 

  • evaluate internal work 

  • exchange ideas 

  • Drink a nice hot cup of coffee

Third Meeting:

This third meeting will be once we obtain positive results in ranking to evaluate all our work.


  • Gained rankings 

  • Top keywords

  • Google Analytics Training

  • Google my business introduction 

  • Ranking reading presentation 

  • Site performance 


Weekly Ranking reports: Click on Image

Monhtly Clicks (traffic) reports: Click on Image

Monhtly Google my business reports: Click on Image